Who we are?

we are a training and coaching company working with students for peak performance in life and studies

What we do?

we unleash the hidden potential of students and channelize their collective energy in right directionwe forge young champions and leaders

How we do it?

our all training programs are experiential based on games and activities 100% doing and learning (highest form of learning)

Our Programs


SCM - a fusion of life and study skills a transformational program for 9 to 19 year old bringing out the champion new beliefs latest notes making techniques and value relationships the only program where habit forming is the objective 100% games and activity based program which are immersive and designed for long term changes

Way of the Leader

The 5 secrets of leadership

  • Master Relationships
  • Successful Communication
  • Strong Belief System
  • Build Great Team
  • Take Your Self To The Next Level
For great leadership quality

Communication Breakthrough (CB)

A game, exercises & activity based program designed for college students to understand the nuances of communication and TRANSFORM them into powerful and confident presenters. we garentee remarkable before and after results. (measurable changes)
A 100% experiential program, where in students learn by doing

Teachers To Transformers (TTT)

Program for elevating teachers into transformers. At TTT teachers learn RLS (rapid learning systems) & WBT (Whole Brain Teaching). This program will help teachers to bring out the best in every student and help them achieve better grades soulful parenting (sp) a powerful program with god rich content to transform parents into angles.
I LOVE PARENTING - our single most important goal of SOULFUL PARENTING Parents undergo a 360 degree transformation in parenting skills

Train The Trainer (TTT 101)

The first of its kind trainer & facilitator program TTT – 101 is an Intensive program designed for an aspiring trainer to become professional in 100 days.

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